How To Clean Def Injector

Everyone knows that check engine light is never a good sign. If it comes on in your car, that usually means there’s something wrong with your car. There are lots of things that can cause the check engine light to come on, but one of the most common problems is the def injector.

Thankfully cleaning the def injector won’t cost you a lot of money to get fixed. It’s not as expensive or time-consuming as some other repairs might be, and you may even be able to do it yourself depending on how extensive the problem is. To learn more about how to clean def injector, keep reading!

What does a def injector do?

A def injector cleans the fuel that goes into your car’s engine. It gets rid of any impurities or particles that may be in the fuel, and it also cleans the injectors themselves. If you don’t clean the injectors regularly, they can get clogged up. That can cause a lot of different problems for your car, including poor fuel economy and even a complete engine failure in some cases. The def injector is a critical part of your car’s fuel system. It cleans the fuel, and then sends it on to the rest of the system. That way, the fuel that goes into your engine is as clean as possible and will operate the engine more efficiently. It also increases the longevity of your engine since it’s getting cleaner fuel.

How to tell if your def injector is faulty?

If your car’s check engine light comes on, you should get it checked out by a mechanic as soon as possible. There are some ways to tell if the problem is with the def injector before taking it in to be looked at. You may notice that your car has poor fuel economy. The engine may also sound a little different from usual. You may also notice that the car vibrates or jerks when you accelerate. Those are all signs that the def injector may not be working correctly. If you notice any of those things, the first thing to do is pull the code. Usually, you can do that yourself by plugging your car into a computer. If you get a code related to the def injector, then you know that’s the problem.

How to clean a def injector

If your car’s check engine light is on due to a faulty def injector, the first thing you should do is have it looked at by a mechanic. You can’t clean the def injector yourself, but you can have the mechanic clean it for you. However, cleaning the def injector is an expensive procedure. You can expect to pay hundreds of dollars for the service. If you have an extended warranty on your car, you can use that to get the repairs done for free. If you don’t have an extended warranty, the best way to save money is to fix the problem yourself. You can try cleaning the def injector yourself, and then have it professionally cleaned later. The process of cleaning the def injector is pretty simple. To do it, you first need to remove the injector. You then put a solvent on the cleaning pad and place it on the injector.

Bottom line

The def injector can cause some major problems if it isn’t functioning properly. Luckily, those issues are relatively easy to fix, and you may even be able to do it yourself. If your check engine light comes on, it’s a good idea to get it looked at by a mechanic as soon as possible. If your def injector is faulty, have it cleaned or replaced as soon as possible. You don’t want to ignore the problem, since a clogged or dirty def injector can cause some major damage to your engine if left untreated.

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