How To Clean Mold From Inflatable Hot Tub

If you’ve owned an inflatable hot tub for any length of time, you may well have noticed the appearance of mold. It can appear on any smooth surface, but it is particularly prone to growing in areas that are humid and contain lots of moisture. Keeping your hot tub clean and dry will help keep down the level of mold as well as many other types of bacteria. However, if you have discovered that your tub has become covered in mold there are ways to remove it safely and effectively. That said – we don’t recommend tackling this job alone. Depending on how severe the problem is, it may be advisable to hire a professional cleaner. However, for those who would like to tackle it themselves or with a friend or family member – here are some simple steps on how to clean mold from your inflatable hot tub .

Run your hot tub for an hour with the jets on and the lid open.

In order to kick-start the cleaning process, you will need to fill your tub with water and run it with the lid open and the jets activated. This will allow the water to become as clean as possible. The running water will also be carrying away any dirt and debris, which will make it much easier to clean the tub. Now is also an excellent time to check for any tears in the sides of the tub or any missing or broken parts. If any damage is found, it should be reported to the manufacturer as soon as possible.

Spray a small amount of bleach onto the moldy area.

An easy way to clean away any mold from the surface of the tub is to mix a small amount of bleach into a bucket of water and then use a scrubbing brush to wipe it over the affected areas. This will help kill the bacteria that cause the mold to grow, as well as break down the material of the tub, which will allow you to wipe it away with a sponge. It is important to make sure that you don’t use too much bleach. If you use too much, it may cause damage to the tub and will be more difficult to rinse away.

Let it sit for at least 20 minutes before scrubbing the mold away.

If the mold on your hot tub is particularly stubborn, you may need to let the bleach sit for a period of time before you can scrub it away. This will allow it to break down the materials that hold the mold in place, before you scrub it away. However, be sure to check on the bleach after 20 minutes. If it is still sitting on the surface of the tub, leave it for a little longer. However, if it has soaked in and is bubbling, you should pour it away.

Rinse out the bleach with a hose and scrub again.

Once the bleach has been on the surface of the tub for a while, it will have turned green. Not only does this look unpleasant, but it also means that it is not doing any good. Therefore, it is important to rinse it away and start again. To do this, turn on the hose and direct the water onto the surface of the tub. This will help push the bleach and the majority of the water away from the surface. Be sure to use a clean sponge to wipe the surface dry after this. You will also need to use a scrubbing brush to clean away the remnants of the bleach. This will help prevent any new mold from forming.

Use a UV light to check whether more cleaning is required.

If you are still seeing traces of mold after cleaning your hot tub, you may need to repeat the process. However, it is worthwhile using a UV light to check whether the cleaning process has been thorough. If there are any remaining spores, they will show up on the light and you will be able to clean them away. It is important to remember that cleaning your hot tub should be a regular, ongoing process.

If you leave the cleaning until there is a severe problem, it will be much more difficult to remove all traces of dirt and debris. You should also try to prevent the growth of mold in the first place by keeping the water as clean and hygienic as possible. This will help keep the level of mold spores low, making it easier to clean. Do this by draining the tub and rinsing it with clean water regularly and keeping the filter clean.

You should also make sure that you don’t let the water level drop too low. The water level should always be above the jets. If it isn’t, there is a risk that it will become contaminated with dirt and spores.

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