How To Clean Poop Out Of Washing Machine

There’s nothing quite as unpleasant or stressful as discovering that your washing machine has been contaminated with poop. It’s an unsavory and overwhelming mess to deal with, but it is possible to clean out your washing machine without too much hassle. With the right approach, materials, and a bit of elbow grease, you can get your washing machine back to its pristine condition. This step-by-step guide will provide you with all the information you need to know about how to clean poop out of your washing machine and get it looking and smelling like new again.

Understanding the Problem

Before we get into the details of how to clean out a washing machine that has poop in it, it’s important to understand why this type of disruption occurs in the first place. There are a few different reasons that a person’s washing machine may become contaminated with poop, but the most likely scenarios are as follows. – Children Who Potty Train are Often Unprepared for Accidents – This is a common issue that parents of toddlers may encounter. Because toddlers are in the process of learning how to use the toilet, it often happens that they have an accident on their pants. When this happens, it is important that parents are prepared to clean the mess up as quickly as possible to minimize disruption. One of the best ways to contain an accident and prevent it from spreading is to use a disposable diaper or diaper liner. – Disabled and Elderly People May Experience Incontinence – Some people are more prone to having unexpected bowel movements than others. These incidences can be caused by a wide range of illnesses or disabilities. If you happen to live or be close to someone who has this condition, it is important to be prepared to clean up after them in a timely and sanitary manner. Washing machines are excellent pieces of equipment for this purpose. They can easily handle the extra volume that comes with cleaning up poop, and they can be thoroughly disinfected afterward.

Preparing the Washing Machine

Before you undertake the process of cleaning out your washing machine, you should make sure it is prepared for the job. This is especially true if your washing machine has been filled with poop for a few days. The longer that poop is in the machine, the more bacteria it will have grown and the more difficult it will be to get rid of. To prepare your machine for cleaning, follow these steps. – Remove any Poop From the Drum – As soon as you discover that your washing machine is filled with poop, you should remove as much of that waste as possible. At this point, it is likely that the poop will still be wet, so make sure you wear gloves when removing it. You can use a scoop or a pair of sponges to get as much out of the machine as possible. – Disassemble the Machine – It is important to clean your washing machine from the inside out to avoid leaving any residue behind. To do this, disassemble the machine and clean it thoroughly. You can do this by opening up the machine and removing any removable parts. – Wash the Machine Before Disinfecting – Before you disinfect your washing machine, you have to make sure it is clean first. You can do this by using an enzyme cleaner to wash the machine out. These products will break down the poop and dirt, making the washing machine cleaner to work with and easier to disinfect.

Materials Needed to Clean Poop Out of Washing Machine

There are a few different materials and tools that you will need to get your washing machine back to its pristine condition. These materials include a disinfectant, rubber gloves, and a bucket or other type of container. – Disinfectant – You will need to choose a disinfectant that is strong enough to kill all of the harmful bacteria in your washing machine. One product that is commonly used for this purpose is bleach. Bleach is a strong disinfectant that is effective at killing bacteria and viruses that could otherwise make people sick. – Rubber Gloves – You will want to wear rubber gloves while cleaning your washing machine. This will protect your hands from the bacteria and other harmful substances that linger in your machine. Rubber gloves are an essential piece of safety equipment when you are dealing with bodily fluids. – Bucket or Other Container – You will need a bucket or another type of container to hold the water and cleaning solution that you will use to clean your machine.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Cleaning

Follow this step-by-step guide to clean out your washing machine and get it back to its pristine condition. – Open and Disassemble the Washing Machine – Open the washing machine and remove the drum. You may have to unscrew the front panel of the machine to access the inside. This is the best and most efficient way to get rid of any poop that is stuck in the drum of the washing machine. – Clean the Drum – Clean the drum of the washing machine by using a solution of warm water and your selected disinfectant. The best way to apply the cleaning solution to the inside of the machine is by using a mop. – Clean the Outside of the Washing Machine – The exterior of the washing machine will have a lot of bacteria on it from cleaning the inside of the machine, so you will need to clean it as well. Use a sponge or cloth to apply a solution of warm water and your disinfectant of choice to all of the exterior surfaces of the machine. – Disinfect the Inside of the Washing Machine – After you have finished cleaning the outside of the washing machine and the inside of the drum, you can move on to disinfecting the machine. This will remove any harmful bacteria or viruses that could be lingering inside of the machine. – Disinfect the Exterior of the Washing Machine – You will want to finish up the cleaning process by disinfecting the exterior of the washing machine. This will help to prevent any bacteria from coming back inside of the machine.

Cleaning the Inside of the Washing Machine

You have cleaned the exterior of the washing machine, as well as the drum, so it’s now time to look at the inside of the machine. There is a good chance that the inside of the washing machine is caked with poop. Fortunately, cleaning it out is fairly straightforward and straightforward. – Wash the Interior of the Machine – Before you can go about disinfecting the inside of the machine, you need to get rid of the excess poop that is inside. To do this, you can use a water and disinfectant solution, just as you did on the outside of the machine. – Disinfect the Inside of the Machine – You have cleaned out the inside of the washing machine, but you still need to disinfect it. To do this, you can use a bleach solution or another disinfectant that is safe to use on clothing. You should apply the solution with a sponge or mop to ensure that every surface of the machine is thoroughly disinfected.

Disinfecting the Washing Machine

Disinfecting your washing machine is arguably the most important part of getting the machine back to its original state. By disinfecting the machine, you will be killing all of the harmful bacteria that has built up inside of it over the past few days. It is important to follow the instructions on the bottle of disinfectant carefully when you are disinfecting the washing machine. Some disinfectants are applied by submerging the machine in the solution, while others need to be applied with a sponge or mop. Follow the instructions carefully to make sure you use enough solution to thoroughly disinfect the machine. It is also important that you air out the machine once you have finished disinfecting it. Leave the machine unplugged for a few hours to let it air dry completely before plugging it back in again. This will help to prevent mold and mildew from forming inside of the machine.

Tips for Preventing Poop Build Up in the Washing Machine

A lot of poop build-up in your washing machine can be prevented by taking some simple steps. To start, it’s important to launder your clothing prior to the recommended wash-cycle length. This will ensure that clothing is thoroughly clean before being placed into the washing machine. Next, keep your washing machine clean. As mentioned, you should be cleaning your washing machine regularly with bleach to remove any bacteria. For added protection against poop build-up, place a bleach tablets, or other product, in your washing machine’s laundry bag to help fight odor-causing bacteria. Additionally, you can use a washing machine cleaner to help prevent any buildup of poop in your machine. Finally, prevent small children from using the washing machine. Kids naturally want to jump in and help out, but can easily contaminate your washing machine with poop.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

If you find that your washing machine is contaminated with poop, it’s important to first disinfect the machine before moving on to cleaning. However, if the contamination is particularly severe, it may be best to replace your machine. If your washing machine won’t spin or drain, there may be something blocking the machine’s access points. Start by removing any clothing from the machine, and cleaning out the bleach and detergent dispensers. Next, check to see if there are any toys, toys, or items that could be blocking the machine. If not, check underneath the machine to see if there are any clogs or debris that is preventing the machine from spinning or draining properly. If everything looks clear, it’s possible your washing machine needs to be repaired.


There’s nothing more unpleasant than finding poop in your washing machine, but it happens more often than you might think. Luckily, there are a few ways to clean up this mess. First, disinfect your washing machine to kill off any lingering bacteria. Next, remove any clothing from the machine, followed by cleaning out the bleach and detergent dispensers. Finally, check the various parts of your machine for any clogs or obstructions that may be causing the problem. With the right approach, you can clean up this mess quickly and efficiently, making your washing machine look and smell like new again.

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