How To Fix Vertical Blinds Chain

Vertical blinds are a popular window covering because of their versatility and functionality. Vertical blinds come in plenty of styles and finishes, making them easy to integrate into almost any room. Vertical blinds are also incredibly easy to install — especially when you keep the instructions with you.

Even so, it’s not uncommon for vertical blinds to require some basic fixing from time to time. If your vertical blind chain has become loose, here’s how you can fix that problem. A lot of people don’t think about it until they see one, but vertical blinds have chains for a reason. Those chains help you raise or lower the slats as necessary — which is why having problems with them is seldom a good sign.

How To Fix Vertical Blind Chain

If your vertical blind chain has become loose, then it’s likely that it has also started rotating around the rail. That, in turn, will cause the chain to wrap around the rail — which can lead to a host of problems. You should be able to gently spin the chain around one of the rails. If it spins very easily, then the chain is loose — and it needs to be re-threaded. If the chain is so loose that it easily falls off the rail, then that rail is likely broken. In that case, you’ll have to replace it with a new rail before re-threading the chain.

Re-Thread The Chain

When re-threading the chain, you’ll need a vertical blind rail re-threader. Using pliers or a screwdriver is likely to damage the rail or the chain. If you’re re-threading the chain because the end has fallen off the rail, then you can simply re-thread the chain from the opposite end. If the chain has become loose, though, then you’ll have to re-thread it from the middle of the rail.

Tighten The Screws

If the chain is already re-threaded, then you can just tighten one or both of the screws at the ends of the chain. Those screws help keep the chain in place, so it’s important to check them from time to time. If you don’t keep an eye on those screws, then the chain will start to come loose. If the chain has started to rotate around the rail, though, then tightening the screws probably won’t solve the problem.

Add Shims Or Washers

Another way to tighten a loose chain is to use shims or washers. Shims are thin pieces of metal that you can insert into the chain. Depending on the type of chain, you’ll likely want to use shims between the chain and the rail. Shims are great for stopping a chain from rotating around the rail, but they aren’t strong enough to keep the chain in place on its own. If the chain is loose and you can’t tighten the screws, then you can add shims or washers between the screw head and the rail.

Try A Track Repair Kit

If the chain has rotated around the rail and there’s nothing you can do about it, then you can try a track repair kit. A track repair kit will usually contain a piece of metal and a couple of screws. When you use a track repair kit, you’ll have to remove the rail from the chain before you can install the repair piece. The rail comes off with a couple of screws, so you’ll want to keep track of them. A track repair kit will work if you have a single rail system for your vertical blinds. If you have a double-rail system, then you’ll probably need to replace the rail.


Vertical blinds offer a lot of great benefits, but they can be tricky to install. If you notice that your vertical blind chain has become loose, then you’ll want to take care of the problem as soon as possible. To fix a loose chain, you’ll likely have to re-thread the chain and tighten the screws at the ends. You can also add shims or washers to help tighten the chain. If a chain has rotated around the rail, then you can try a track repair kit.

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