How To Install A PVC Slip Repair Coupling

If you’ve ever worked with PVC plumbing, you know that it’s a durable and versatile material. PVC is also inexpensive and easy to cut, which makes it ideal for construction projects on a tight budget. However, the same properties that make PVC such an appealing choice also limit some of its uses. If you need to repair or extend a PVC pipe or fitting, you’ll have to connect it using couplings. These are basically parts that allow two sections of pipe to join together in one way or another. However, most couplings aren’t designed for repairs. Instead, you need specialized versions that are easier to install when something goes wrong with your pipe.

Tips for Installing a PVC Slip Repair Coupling

While you can use a PVC slip repair coupling in almost any location, there are some advantages and disadvantages to focus on. For example, PVC is inexpensive, but it’s also rigid. That means you can’t use couplings to add a slight bend to your pipe. If you need to extend the height of a pipe, you can’t select a PVC slip repair coupling. In fact, you need to make sure you don’t select one that’s too short. You’ll want to choose a coupling that extends far enough above the pipe to allow for a tight fit.

Prepare the Pipe

The first step in installing a PVC slip repair coupling is to prepare the pipe. Make sure the pipe is clean and free of debris that could interfere with the coupling. You’ll also need to make any necessary cuts to the pipe. If you’re repairing a section of pipe, you’ll need to make a small hole near the end of the pipe. This hole should be just large enough to allow the coupling to slide inside.

Install the Coupling

Now, you’re ready to install the coupling. Before you do so, make sure the coupling is clean and free of debris. Then, slide the pipe over the coupling and push the two together until you feel resistance. When the pipe and coupling touch, the coupling will expand on both sides. Make sure the expansion doesn’t push the two pieces too far apart. If you need to, you can apply slight pressure to keep the coupling in place while it expands.


It’s important to know how to install a PVC slip repair coupling when you need to make a repair. However, make sure you select a coupling designed for repair. A standard coupling isn’t designed for repairs and may be more difficult to install. At the same time, you can use a PVC slip repair coupling to extend a piece of pipe. If you want to increase the length of your pipe by a few feet, you can do so. Just make sure you select a coupling that’s long enough to provide a tight fit. As long as you follow these tips and take your time, you should have no trouble installing a PVC slip repair coupling.

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