How To Open Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder Lid

While this may be a simple little piece of makeup, it’s also one that is extremely frustrating if you don’t know what you’re doing. The Laura Mercier loose setting powder lids are one of the most common beauty products to get stuck. This is probably because they are so small. Luckily there are some really easy ways to get them unstuck and open. With these tips, you will never again struggle with the lid on your beauty product again. Not only that, but you might even be inspired to tackle other difficult-to-open products in your home as well!

Laura Mercier loose setting powder is a finely milled powder that helps to set and perfect foundation or blush. It comes in a pot with a sifter lid. To open the lid, first remove the sticker on top of the sifter. Then use your thumb and index finger to grip the edge of the sifter and twist it counter-clockwise. The powder will come up through the hole in the middle of the sifter.

Use a Spoon

If the product is small enough and you don’t want to damage the lid or finish on it, the best way to open it is with a spoon. You can use any spoon that you have on hand, but a narrow spatula is best for opening small jars. When you use a spoon to open a product, it’s important to use a non-metal spoon. Metal is conductive, so you don’t want to risk touching the contents of the jar with a metal spoon and contaminating it. A plastic spoon is a good, safe option to use. Start by inserting the spoon about a third of the way into the jar. Then, use the spoon to turn the jar so that its open. You might need to pull the spoon out every once in a while and reposition it, but the spoon should get the jar open without any issues.

Turn It Upside Down

If the jar is very small and you can’t get a spoon into it, then the best way to open it is to turn it upside down. This works best if you turn the jar over the sink or onto a piece of paper, so if it does spill then it doesn’t get all over your counter or floor. The trick to getting this to work is to apply pressure to the lid while you are turning it upside down. This will cause the contents to come up against the lid and cause it to come unstuck. Once the lid pops off, simply turn the jar back up to get the rest of the product out.

Try A Hammer

If a spoon or turning it upside down doesn’t work, try gently tapping the lid with a hammer. The idea here is that you are trying to loosen the seal of the lid enough that it will pop off. So, tap around the whole lid, not just the top. This is a good option if the product is in a jar with a metal lid. You don’t want to use a wooden or plastic hammer, as that may cause damage to the lid or the jar. If the product is in a glass jar, then you may want to try a different method as glass jars are more fragile and can break when hit with a hammer.

Try Hot Water

If you’re trying to open a jar and nothing else works, try boiling some water and then pouring it over the lid of the jar. As the water cools, it will create a vacuum and pull the lid off of the jar. You can also use a kettle, but the water may not pour out as evenly or quickly, so a pot is a better option if you have one on hand. This method works best with a metal lid, though you can also try it with plastic lids if you have nothing else to try. When you pour the hot water over the lid, make sure that none of the contents of the jar get wet. If they do, you can try to dry them off with a paper towel before trying to open the jar again.

Try A Shaving Cream Dessert

If you’re really desperate to open a jar and nothing else has worked, you can try using a shaving cream dessert. Yes, you read that right. If you put a dollop of shaving cream in a small bowl and let it sit for a few minutes, the shaving cream will become very thick and sticky. Once the shaving cream has cooled, take a spoon and scoop some out of the bowl and apply it to the top of the jar. Let it sit for a few minutes before trying to open the jar. The shaving cream will act as a thick seal and make it easier to open the jar. Shaving cream desserts are only good for one application, so it’s important to use as little as possible. You don’t want to use too much, or else the seal that it creates might be too strong. One spoonful is plenty for most jars.


Whether you are opening a jar or trying to get the lid off a product, it can be frustrating when it seems impossible to open it. Make sure that you don’t just throw in the towel if you can’t get it open. There are plenty of tricks you can try to get the lid off of almost any product. There are also some products that you may not want to open. For example, if you have a jar that you want to keep sealed, you can use a hair dryer to heat the jar up and create a vacuum seal again.

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