How To Paper Over Anaglypta Wallpaper

Anaglypta wallpaper is a type of decoration that has been around for centuries. It’s also known as straw paper and involves covering a wall with an outer layer of paper and filling the center with matted straw. It can be quite an expensive job, but you don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds to get it looking great again. In this blog, we will show you how to paper over anaglypta wallpaper on a budget. Read on to find out all the details…

How To Paper Over Anaglypta Wallpaper

What You’ll Need

  • Paint: You can use any paint that you have lying around the house. If you want to match the colour of the paper, then you can use emulsion.
  • Paper: For this, you can use any sort of wallpaper.
  • Paint Brushes: Any old paintbrushes that you can find lying around the house will do the job.
  • A Ladder: You’ll need a ladder to get yourself up to the top of the wall.
  • Sticky Tape: You’ll need this to hold the paper in place while you apply the first layer of emulsion.
  • Scissors: Scissors will help you cut the paper to the correct size.
  • Rollers: You can either use a roller or a brush to apply the emulsion.
  • A Bucket: This is where you put the water for the emulsion.
  • A Brush: A brush will help you apply the emulsion.

Decide on a Colour Scheme

While you could choose to paper over the anaglypta wallpaper with any old shade, it’s worth spending a bit of time choosing the right colours for your room. The colour of the paper you choose will have a huge impact on the look of your room. You can spend a little bit of money by buying a single pot of emulsion and mixing it with a few different colours to get the shades you need. This can be one of the cheapest ways of changing the colour scheme of a room.

Sanding and Repainting

If you don’t like the colour of your anaglypta wallpaper, you can just sand it down and repaint it. If the wallpaper is in good condition, you can repaint it with a paint of your choice. If the paper is damaged, you can just rip it off the wall and paper over the wall with a new colour. This might be the best option if you want a room with a totally new colour scheme. It will also cost you nothing if you have the paint lying around the house.

Paper Over the Anaglypta

If your anaglypta wallpaper is in good condition and you just want to change the colour, you can paper over it. This is the cheapest way to change the colour of your room. There are a few things you should do before you begin to paper over the anaglypta. – Sand the wall so that the surface is nice and smooth. This will help the paper stick to the wall and give it a nice finish. – Prime the wall to make sure that the paper sticks properly. – Cut the paper to the correct size. – Apply the first layer of emulsion.

Touch Up Paint Through the Paper

If you want to paper over the anaglypta wallpaper and choose the same colour, then you can paint through the paper. This is the fastest and easiest way to change the colour. All you have to do is prime the wall, cut the paper to the correct size, and apply the first layer of emulsion. When you apply the emulsion, put it on thick. Then, take a small paintbrush and dab it through the paper. This will help you get the right colour through the paper.


Anaglypta wallpaper is a great way to add a splash of colour to a room. If you want to change the colour of your room but don’t want to spend a small fortune, you can paper over the anaglypta. This can change the colour of the room quickly and cheaply, and it can be easily undone if you want to change it again in the future.

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