How To Remove Suction Cup From Glass

If you’ve ever used a suction cup to hang something on a window, or any other smooth surface, then you know how awesome they are. A suction cup can stick to almost any smooth surface and hold strong. But that strength only goes one way. You see, the problem with using a suction cup on glass is that once the suction cup sticks, it doesn’t come off easily.

In fact, removing a suction cup from glass is often harder than putting it there in the first place. If you find yourself stuck with a suction cup stuck to your glass window or some other smooth surface, don’t worry! We have some great tips for removing them safely and easily.

Use Hot Water To Release A Suction Cup

One easy tip for removing a suction cup from glass or any other smooth surface is to use hot water. You could also use a hairdryer or some steam, but hot water is easiest. To do this, get a bowl of lukewarm water, not scalding hot! Dip the suction cup into the water and let it sit for a minute or two. Once the suction cup is warm, it will lose some of its strength, allowing you to pull it off the glass surface easily. The warm water will also help prevent cracking or breaking the glass when removing the suction cup. Be careful when removing the suction cup from the water, as it will be very hot! If you have another smooth and non-porous surface to work with, such as a piece of tile, a wood floor, or even a painted wall, you could also use the warm water method there.

Use Peel & Stick Duct Tape To Remove A Suction Cup

Most people know that duct tape sticks to just about everything. Well, you can use that to your advantage to remove a suction cup from glass. Simply place a piece of duct tape over the suction cup, sticky side up. Then, pull up on the duct tape, pulling the suction cup up with it. The suction cup may still stick to the glass, but you should be able to pull it off the glass using the duct tape. This same method can also be used when the suction cup has broken and is stuck to the glass. Just put a piece of sticky duct tape over the broken end and then pull the duct tape up, as described above.

Use A Hammer To Break The Suction Cup

This one is just a bit riskier to do, but it can be effective in removing a suction cup that is stuck to the glass. You’ll want to use a small hammer, such as a tack hammer or a claw hammer, since you don’t want to break the glass with a regular hammer. Place the small hammer under the suction cup, near the edge of the glass, and hit the suction cup with the hammer. This can break the suction cup, or at least loosen it enough so that you can pull it off the glass. Be careful not to break the glass! If you can’t break the suction cup enough to pull it off the glass, then try using the tack or claw hammer to break the glass. This can be dangerous, so only do it if you have no other choice.

Use Oil To Release A Suction Cup From Glass

If you have really stuck a suction cup to the glass, then using oil might be the best option. You can use any oil that isn’t too viscous, such as vegetable oil, mineral oil, baby oil, or even Crisco (yep, the lard). Simply put a small amount of the oil on the suction cup, and let it sit for about an hour. Once the suction cup is wet with the oil, try to pry it off the glass. If you need more oil to get the suction cup to release, add more. You can also add a bit more if the suction cup starts trying to stick to the glass again after you pull it off. Again, be careful not to break the glass. If you do break the glass, then use the above methods to remove the suction cup pieces.


The suction cup is a great invention that allows you to attach many different items to smooth surfaces like glass. These cups will stick to smooth surfaces and stay in place, but that stickiness also makes them hard to remove. Thankfully, there are many different tips and tricks you can use to remove suction cups from glass. You can use warm water, tack or claw hammers, Crisco, or even mineral oil to get these cups off the glass. No matter what you use, these tips and tricks should help you remove suction cups from glass. As always, be careful when removing a suction cup from glass and make sure you don’t break the glass. With these tips and tricks, however, you should be able to remove the suction cup from the glass with ease.

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