How To Upgrade Your Plastic Shelves With Stone Countertops

Do you have a plastic shelving unit in your kitchen? If so, you’ve probably noticed that they’re not the most attractive feature. To upgrade your shelves and create an appealing focal point in your kitchen, you can add stone countertops to the bottom of the shelves.

We believe that upgrading plastic shelving with stone is one of those simple and clever DIY projects that will have a huge impact on the look of your kitchen. The best part about this project is that it requires few materials and costs very little money since you can repurpose some things from around the house. Let’s take a look at how to upgrade your plastic shelves with stone countertops!

How to Upgrade Your Plastic Shelves With Stone Countertops

What You’ll Need

  • Plastic shelving unit – We chose plastic shelves because they don’t require a lot of work to install. Plastic is also durable and easy to clean.
  • Granite tiles – We chose granite tiles because they’re durable and easy to clean.
  • Vinyl decor tile – We chose dark grey vinyl decor tile because it looks like granite, is easy to clean, and costs very little.
  • Drying rack – We chose this chrome drying rack because it’s easy to install, has a small footprint, and looks great with the rest of the project.
  • Dremel Multi-Max – If you’re cutting the shelves at home, you should definitely use this tool. It lets you cut through plastic quickly and with very little effort.
  • Measuring tape – You need this to measure the shelves and the tiles.

Upgrading Plastic Shelves With Stone Countertops

Prep the Shelving Unit – Start by removing the plastic shelves from your shelving unit. If you’re lucky, the plastic shelves simply pop out, but some shelving units require more effort. If you need to remove the whole shelving unit, that’s fine! Simply lay the unit upside down, remove the screws holding the bottom of the unit together, and take the shelves out.

Measure, Cut, and Install the Granite Tiles – Once the shelves are removed, measure the bottom of the shelves and cut the tiles to fit. You may find that you have to cut each tile in half to create two tiles from one since the shelves are often narrower than the tiles. Once the tiles are cut to size, use a dry-wall spackle to install them to the bottom of the shelving unit. The spackle will help the tiles stick to the plastic.

Measure and Install Dark Grey Vinyl Decor Tile – Measure and cut the vinyl decor tile to fit the front of your shelves. We chose to cover the entire front of the shelves, but you can also leave the bottom uncovered to create a clean look.

Install a Drying Rack for Utensils and Pans – Measure and cut the drying rack to fit on top of the shelves. You can use a Dremel Multi-Max to make this process a breeze. Once the drying rack is cut to size, use 3M Command Adhesive strips to install it to the shelves. The strips will let the drying rack easily be removed for cleaning.


These shelves look great with the new stone countertops! The upgrade from plastic to stone is an easy way to spruce up the look of your kitchen and create an eye-catching focal point. We recommend this project to anyone with a plastic shelving unit in their kitchen because it’s easy to do and doesn’t require a lot of time or money.

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