How To Clean Soot Out Of Diesel Engine

When engines are exposed to high temperatures, they can create soot as a byproduct of combustion. Soot is also known as carbon residue, and diesel engines produce it when the engine burns fuel at a high temperature. The soot buildup on an engine can be quite harmful to its performance and longevity; however, you can … Read more

How To Clean Clek Car Seat

You love your new car seat, but it isn’t quite perfect. You see, your kids love it so much that they spill all their food and drinks in it. Oops! Fortunately, there is an easy way to get rid of all those spills. Instead of worrying about how to clean a Clek car seat, you … Read more

How To Clean Coil Packs

Coiled, metal tubes inside the engine called coil-packs are a common problem in older cars. When they fail, it can lead to a no-start scenario, where the car won’t even turn over. It’s usually not a single coil failing; it’s usually all of them! Thankfully, replacing Coil Pack is an EASY job with just a … Read more

How To Clean Pickup Covers

If you’re an avid lover of all things trucks and cars, then you’ll know that even the smallest details can make a big difference. One small but important detail is your pickup covers — they are the first thing people see when they look at your truck, after all! That’s why it’s essential to keep … Read more

How To Clean Exhaust Temperature Sensor

You might not think about your exhaust temperature sensor often, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its own special set of issues to deal with. If you have an external exhaust sensor, it probably collects a fair amount of grime and soot over time. If you have an internal temperature sensor, then it probably … Read more

How To Clean Bedjet Filter

In the world of filters, there are two types – exhaust and inline. These filters are used in different parts of an engine and have their own individual cleaning and maintenance processes. The bedjet filter is an inline filter and has a separate cleaning process from the exhaust filter. There are many things that can … Read more

How To Clean 6.0 Turbo Without Removing

Turbocharged cars come with their own set of maintenance challenges. For starters, turbocharged engines tend to have a shorter lifespan than naturally aspirated ones (especially if poorly maintained). This is because turbos are prone to getting clogged with excess oil and grease from the lubrication system. Moreover, because of their compact nature, cleaning a turbo … Read more