How To Open Soy Sauce Lid

When eating Asian food, you’ll most likely have a soy sauce bottle on the table. This sauce is widely used as a condiment or dipping sauce for many Asian dishes, especially if they’re made from chicken, fish, or tofu. It also makes a great flavor enhancer for starchy side dishes like rice and noodles. A … Read more

How To Get Dabs Out Of Glass Jar

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How To Install A Well Nut

Installing a well is no small feat. It’s an expensive, laborious process that can also be very dangerous. There are several important considerations you’ll need to make before installing a new well, as well as some safety precautions to take during the install. If you’re considering installing a new well on your property and want … Read more

How To Make Pandan Leaf Tea

Pandan or pandanus is a tropical plant with green leaves and yellow-orange fruits. The pandan leaf has a strong fragrance and a unique taste, which makes pandan tea very popular. It is often sold as a souvenir in Asian countries, especially in the tropics where pandans grow abundantly. It’s common to find it as an … Read more

How To Use Alterra Coffee Packets

Are you someone who likes to have your coffee in a pre-measured packet that only requires hot water? If so, you’ll love Alterra Coffee packets. They’re easy to use, convenient and make a delicious cup of coffee. You can get Alterra coffee in many grocery stores or online. For an even more convenient way to … Read more