How To Adjust Rear Camber Kit

Adjusting the camber on a car is a common way to improve its handling and performance. Camber is the angle of the wheel in relation to the ground. When it is negative, the top of the wheel leans inward towards the car. When it is positive, the top of the wheel leans away from the car. Too much negative camber can cause tires to wear on the inside, while too much positive camber can cause them to wear on the outside. Camber kits allow

How To Adjust Rear Camber Kit

If your car’s camber is off, you can adjust it using a rear camber kit. This consists of two metal plates that mount to the frame of your car and two adjustable bolts that connect to the control arms. To adjust the camber, you simply loosen the bolts and move the plates until the camber is correct. Make sure to tighten the bolts securely when you’re finished.

1. A rear camber kit. This is a kit that will allow you to adjust the camber of your car’s rear wheels. 2. Wrenches or sockets. You will need these tools in order to install and adjust the camber kit. 3. A jack and stands. You will need to raise your car off the ground in order to install the camber kit. 4. An alignment tool. This is not necessary, but it will help

  • Lift the car on a jack or lift
  • Remove wheel
  • Remove the bolts that hold the camber kit in place adjust the camber kit to your desired angle put everything back together in the reverse order

below – A rear camber kit alters the rear camber of a car, which can be used to improve handling or tyre wear. – There are a few things to consider when adjusting a rear camber kit, including the type of car, the intended use of the car, and the desired amount of camber. – Camber is measured in degrees, and most cars will have a range of -2 to +2 degrees of camber. – When

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Adjust Rear Camber?

There are a few ways to adjust rear camber. One is to use an adjustable camber arm, which will change the camber angle of the wheel as it moves. Another is to use a camber kit, which includes different parts that can be adjusted to change the camber angle.

Can You Adjust Rear Camber On Stock Suspension?

Yes – camber can be adjusted on stock suspension, but it may take some trial and error to get it set just the way you want it.

How Do You Do A Camber Alignment At Home?

A camber alignment is the process of adjusting the camber angle of a wheel. This is usually done to correct a negative camber or to optimize the handling of a car. There are a few ways to do this at home, but the most common is to use a string and level. First, find the center of the wheel and make a mark. Next, use a level to find the vertical plane. Place the level on the mark and stretch a string between the two points. Use this string as a guide to adjust the camber angle.


If you are looking to adjust your rear camber, then a camber kit is the perfect option. A camber kit allows you to change the angle of your car’s tires, which in turn changes the way your car handles. There are a number of different camber kits available on the market, so be sure to do your research before purchasing one.

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