How To Braze Copper With Oxy Acetylene Torch

Brazing copper with an oxy acetylene torch is a common welding process. Brazing is the process of welding two pieces of metal together by melting a filler metal between them. The molten filler metal is drawn into the joint by capillary action. When brazing copper, the flux will help to clean the surfaces of the copper and also help to protect them from oxidation.

How To Braze Copper With Oxy Acetylene Torch

The oxy acetylene torch is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of purposes, including brazing copper. Brazing is the process of joining two metals by heating them to the point that a filler metal, which is usually brass or bronze, melts and flows between the two pieces, forming a bond. The oxy acetylene torch is perfect for brazing copper because it produces a very hot flame that can reach temperatures up to 3500 degrees Fahrenheit. To bra

-Welding goggles -Oxygen tank -Acetylene tank – regulators -torch -copper tubing -brazing rod

  • Set up oxy acetylene torch
  • Place the copper in the jig welding rod in place light the torch and adjust the flame
  • Clean copper with wire brush
  • Coating the copper with flux

below 1. Make sure that the copper is clean and free of any contaminants. Use a wire brush to clean it off, if necessary. 2. Place the copper in the desired position on the workbench. 3. Open the oxygen tank and acetylene tank. Turn on the gas valves and light the torches. 4. Adjust the flame to a medium-high heat. 5. Hold the torch at a consistent angle and heat the copper until it begins to glow a

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Oxy Acetylene Be Used For Brazing?

Oxyacetylene can be used for brazing. Brazing is a metalworking process in which two or more pieces of metal are joined together by heating them to a temperature above their melting point and then using a filler metal to bond them.

What Kind Of Torch Do You Use To Braze Copper?

There are a few different torches that can be used to braze copper, but a propane-oxygen torch is the most common.

What Is The Best Flame For Brazing?

The best flame for brazing is a neutral flame.

In Closing

To braze copper with oxy acetylene torch, set the torch to the correct flame and adjust the flame size. Place the copper pieces to be joined together and heat them until they are red hot. Touch the oxy acetylene torch to the copper, and move it back and forth until the copper is brazed.

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