How To Clean And Oil A Walther PPK/S

Have you ever wondered how to clean and oil a Walther PPK/S? It’s actually not that hard. The Walther PPK/S is a fantastic handgun with amazing, vintage looks. It’s one of the most compact semi-automatic pistols you can own today, making it an excellent option for concealed carry or home defense. The downside to such a small handgun is that it can be difficult to clean and oil.

However, these guns are so popular because of their simplicity and ease of use. There are few simpler pistols than the PPK/S that are also more reliable than the PPK/S in everyday use. Thankfully, cleaning and oiling this gun is not much harder than any other gun we’ve covered so far on our blog…

Cleaning Walther PPK/S

Field Strip The PPK/S

First, you need to field strip the gun. This is necessary because you’ll know the function of each part and how they interact. You’ll then know what tools you need and how the parts fit together. This will help you be able to better clean and oil your PPK/S. The field-strip procedure for the Walther PPK/S is as follows:

  • Remove the magazine
  • Pull back the slide a little (no more than a centimeter or half inch), and lift the rear of the slide up with your other hand.
  • Remove the recoil spring and the recoil spring guide rod (which is attached to the rear of the recoil spring).
  • Remove the barrel and clean it.

Clean The Barrel

  • The first thing you want to do, if you can, is to clean the barrel.
  • If you can’t get the barrel clean, you won’t be able to hit the rest of the gun. You’ll get very dirty, but you won’t get the rest of the gun clean.
  • You’ve already taken the gun apart as far as you can, so it’s time to use cleaning rods, patches, solvent, and brushes to get the barrel as clean as you can.
  • Don’t forget to clean the grooves on the top of the barrel where the slide rides on top of it.

Clean The Rest Of The Gun

Now it’s time to clean the rest of the gun.

  • First, clean the frame, the trigger group, and the magazine well.
  • You’ll want to wipe off any dirt, grime, and gunk you find inside those parts.
  • The less junk you have in those parts, the better your gun will shoot and the less wear and tear it will endure over time.
  • Next, clean the slide and the barrel.
  • The barrel is already clean, so now it’s time to wipe down the slide.
  • Use a solvent and paper towels or rags to wipe off the slide.
  • Make sure to get any carbon buildup off the inside of the slide as well.

Oil Everything You Just Cleaned

Now it’s time to oil everything you just cleaned.

  • First, oil the slide rails.
  • Use a silicon gun lube or any other low-friction gun lube you have around the house.
  • Put a little bit on a rag and wipe it on the rails.
  • Make sure you get the rails under the barrel and behind the extractor as well.
  • Then, oil everything else.
  • Wipe a little bit of oil on the sear, the trigger, the magazine release, and the frame.
  • Make sure the trigger and sear are well lubricated so they can break cleaner.
  • Make sure the magazine release is well-lubricated so it can move easier.
  • And make sure the frame is well-lubricated so it can take less wear and tear as well.

Reassemble And Enjoy!

  • Once you’ve done all this work and reassembled your PPK/S, you’ll be enjoying a very clean and well-oiled gun.
  • You’ll notice a slightly smoother trigger pull and magazine release. – You’ll notice a much smoother slide action.
  • Your gun will be easier to clean, easier to reassemble, and easier to shoot.

All because you took the time to clean and oil your PPK/S! That is how you clean and oil a Walther PPK/S! While this gun is a bit more difficult to clean and oil than some other guns, it’s still a relatively easy process.

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