How To Clean Grease Trap On Traeger 575

Cleaning the grease trap on a Traeger 575 is a relatively simple process. The grease trap is located beneath the grill, and can be accessed by removing the lower rack. The trap can then be cleaned with a degreaser or soap and water.

How To Clean Grease Trap On Traeger 575

Grease traps are an important part of any kitchen, as they collect the grease and oil from cooking. This grease can then be disposed of properly, rather than going down the drain and creating a clog. The Traeger 575 is a smoker that comes with its own grease trap. The trap can be easily cleaned by removing it from the smoker and emptying it into the trash.

-A bucket -A plunger -Hot, soapy water -Baking soda -White vinegar

  • Wash out the trap with hot, soapy water. rinse well and
  • Empty grease trap on traeger 575 every two weeks
  • Remove the grease trap lid and empty the contents into a bucket

-Clean the grease trap on a Traeger 575 at least every two weeks. -The grease trap is located on the front of the smoker, just below the hopper. -To clean the grease trap, remove the tray and empty the contents into a trash can. -Wipe out the tray with a damp cloth and replace it in the smoker.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Clean A Traeger Trap?

The Traeger trap is a device used to clean the inside of the barrel of a Traeger grill. The trap is inserted into the barrel and the grill is fired up. The heat from the grill causes the grease and oil to liquefy. The liquefied grease and oil then flow out of the trap and into a container.

How Do I Clean My Grease Trap Grill?

To clean a grease trap grill, the first step is to remove the grease from the grill. This can be done by scraping it off with a metal brush or scooping it out with a slotted spoon. The next step is to clean the grill with hot water and soap.

How Do You Clean A Traeger Drip Tray?

The Traeger drip tray can be cleaned with a damp cloth.


The Traeger 575 is a pellet grill that uses wood pellets for fuel. It has an automatic ignition and a digital controller to maintain the temperature. The grill comes with a grease trap that should be cleaned after each use.

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