How To Clean Hats With Borax

In the world of millinery, you’ll find all kinds of hats. Straw hats, beaver hats, top hats—each one comes with its own special care requirements. Even if you’re someone who only owns one hat (or just a few), it’s still important to know how to clean your hat when necessary.

Borax is a natural mineral that is found in many parts of the world. It has been used for centuries as a cleaning and bleaching agent. Borax can be used to clean hats by dissolving the build-up of sweat and oils.

Luckily, cleaning your hat with borax isn’t difficult at all. Follow these steps to learn everything you need to know about cleaning your hat with borax in no time at all!

What is Borax?

Borax, or sodium borate, is a naturally occurring mineral found in many places around the world. It can be mined and then used in a number of different products and applications. Borax is used extensively in textile processing and cleaning applications. It’s also commonly used in household cleaning products, like laundry detergents, hand soap, and dishwashing liquid.

When it comes to cleaning and preserving your hat, borax is a great choice because it’s non-toxic and alkaline in nature. This means that it’s gentle on your hands and won’t harm the hat.

Borax also has a very low pH, so it won’t damage the material of your hat, either. With a low pH, though, borax is effective at killing bacteria and other microbes. This makes it great for sanitizing your hat, removing stains, and treating odors that have built up over time.

Why Use Borax to Clean Hats?

Borax is an excellent choice for cleaning your hat because it’s non-toxic and non-hazardous. It’s a naturally occurring mineral that is typically mined from the ground and used in a variety of household cleaning products. Borax is typically found in laundry detergents and hand soap. It’s also used for many textile treatments, including the preservation of fur and leather goods. When it comes to cleaning hats, borax is an excellent choice because it’s gentle on the hands and on the hat. Borax is alkaline in nature, which means it’s non-toxic and won’t harm your hat material. With a low pH, borax is also very effective at killing bacteria and other microbes.

Step by Step Guide to Clean Hats

Step 1: Find the Stains

The first step of cleaning your hat with borax is to find the stains. Ideally, you will try to catch stains as they happen, but if you have a hat that has built up stains over time, don’t worry. Borax is an excellent cleaner and will be able to remove stains regardless of when they happened. Stains such as sweat, oils, and dirt are common culprits of staining your hat. Typically, these stains are brown and yellow in color. These stains are often found in the band, the lining, and the fabric of the hat itself. If your hat is stained with food or drink, you’ll find the stains on the outside of your hat. Food and drink stains are typically red or blue in color and are found on the exterior of the hat.

Step 2: Mix the Borax and Water Together

Once you’ve found the stains on your hat, you’ll want to mix together a cleaning solution. You’ll want to use a few cups of water combined with a teaspoon of borax for light stains, or a tablespoon of borax for heavy stains. For light stains, you can also use a solution of water and ammonia to help break them up. Always make sure to test the solution on a small patch of the hat before proceeding with the cleaning process. This will ensure that the solution doesn’t damage the material of your hat.

Step 3: Soak the Hat in a Solution of Borax and Water

Once you’ve mixed together a cleaning solution, you’ll want to soak the hat in the solution. Make sure to completely submerge the hat in the solution so that every part of the hat is covered in cleaning solution. You don’t need to wring or squeeze the hat, as this can damage the fabric. If you have a large hat that doesn’t fit in a bucket, you can also use a large bowl or a sink. Try to leave the hat in the solution for at least six hours so that it has enough time to break down the stains. Even longer is better if you have the time.

Step 4: Rinse and Dry Your Hat

After the hat has finished soaking, you’ll want to rinse it thoroughly and then allow it to dry. You can speed up the drying process by placing the hat on a clothesline or a drying rack. You can also put the hat in the dryer on a low setting. While it’s better to air dry your hat, using a dryer is okay for speedier cleaning. Just be sure to keep an eye on the hat as it dries to make sure it doesn’t get too hot.


Cleaning your hat with borax is a great way to ensure that it remains stain-free, fresh, and odour-free. Borax is an alkaline cleaning agent that is non-toxic and gentle on the material of your hat. It is often used in textile treatments, including the preservation of fur and leather goods. When it comes to cleaning hats, borax is an excellent choice because it’s gentle on the hands and on the hat. When you clean your hat with borax, you’ll notice that the fabric remains soft and doesn’t get brittle. Your hat will also smell great and be free of stains, making it a welcome accessory any time of year!

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