How To Clean Rifle Properly

There is a right and wrong way to clean a rifle. The NRA provides a step-by-step guide on how to properly clean your rifle.

How To Clean Rifle Properly

Rifles should be cleaned after each use, especially if they have been used in a dirty or dusty environment. To clean a rifle, the first step is to remove the magazine and make sure the chamber is clear. The next step is to disassemble the rifle, making sure to keep track of all the parts. The parts can then be cleaned with a solvent and a brush. The rifle can then be reassembled and lubricated.

A cleaning rod solvent, such as Hoppes #9 a brush, such as a .22 caliber bore brush Oiler patches

  • Unscrew barrel and detach from the stock wipe barrel down with a clean cloth use solvents or degreasers
  • Make sure rifle is unloaded
  • Check chamber to ensure it is empty
  • Remove magazine

-Remove the bolt from the rifle and place it in a safe place -Check to ensure that the magazine is removed from the rifle -Use a cleaning rod with a patch to clean the barrel of the rifle -Apply solvent to the patch and run it through the barrel of the rifle -Wipe down all other parts of the rifle with a clean cloth

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cleaning A Rifle Affect Accuracy?

Yes, cleaning a rifle can affect accuracy. If the rifle is not cleaned properly, residue can build up on the barrel and cause the bullet to stray from its intended target.

How Often Should You Clean Your Rifle?

It is generally recommended to clean a rifle after every use, although this may not always be possible. If the rifle is not going to be used again for a while, it should be cleaned and stored properly.

Should I Clean My Rifle After Every Use?

There is no need to clean your rifle after every use. However, you should clean it after every few uses.

In Closing

Cleaning a rifle is not a difficult task, but it is important to do it properly. Field stripping the rifle and cleaning the individual parts with solvent and a brush will usually take care of most of the dirt and fouling. Lubricating the moving parts and reassembling the rifle will complete the cleaning process.

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