How To Finish Drywall Around Shower Surround

When installing drywall around a shower, it is important to take into account the water that will be coming down from the shower. You will want to install a water-resistant barrier behind the drywall to prevent any water from seeping through. In addition, you will want to tape and mudding the seams of the drywall to create a watertight seal.

How To Finish Drywall Around Shower Surround

There are a few ways to finish drywall around a shower surround. One is to use a metal or plastic trim piece that goes around the edge of the shower, and then use drywall screws to attach the drywall to the trim. Another option is to cut out a section of the drywall that surrounds the shower, and then use a water-resistant sealant to seal the opening. Finally, you can also use a waterproof membrane to cover the entire area around the shower and then

-Tape measure -Straight edge or level -Circular saw or drywall saw -Ruler or speed square -Cordless drill -1 inch hole saw -Paintable caulk -Paintbrush -Paint roller -Drywall joint compound -Putty knife -Sandpaper (100 grit) -Towel

  • Remove old drywall and trim
  • Paint or tile
  • Tape and mud the seams
  • Measure, cut and install new drywall

-Measure the area to be covered and cut the drywall to size. -Apply a layer of taping compound to the seams of the drywall. -Cut and install fiberglass mesh tape over the compound. -Smooth the compound over the tape with a putty knife. -Allow the compound to dry. -Paint or finish the surface as desired.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Finish The Edge Of A Tub Surround?

There are a few ways to finish the edge of a tub surround, but one of the most common is to use a trim strip. A trim strip is a piece of moulding that is cut to fit the edge of the tub surround, and it can be nailed or glued in place. Another option is to use caulk to seal the edge of the tub surround.

How Do You Finish The Outside Edge Of A Tile Shower?

The easiest way to finish the outside edge of a tile shower is to use a metal edging strip. The metal edging strip will provide a smooth, finished edge that is watertight and easy to maintain.

How Do You Finish Drywall Where You Meet The Shower?

In order to finish a drywall joint near a shower, you need to use a waterproof sealant or caulk. This will ensure that the water does not seep behind the drywall and cause damage.

How Do You Finish A Direct To Stud Shower Surround?

The process of finishing a direct to stud shower surround can vary depending on the type of surround that is chosen, but in general it will involve installing the trim around the shower, sealing the seams, and then caulking any gaps.

How Do You Fill The Gap Between Shower Surround And Drywall?

One approach is to use a water-resistant adhesive to attach a waterproof membrane to the shower surround. The membrane can then be covered with backerboard and finished with tile.

How Do You Finish The Trim On A Shower Surround?

I usually use a finishing nailer to complete the trim on a shower surround. I start by nailing the top trim in place, and then I work my way down the sides. I also use caulk to seal any gaps between the trim and the shower surround.

To Review

To finish drywall around shower surround, use a hacksaw to cut the top and bottom of the drywall at the tile line. Snap the drywall off along the cut line. Spread thinset mortar on the back of the tile and press it into place. Let the mortar dry. Apply grout around the tile and let it dry.

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