How To Fix Runny Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken Pot Pie is the ultimate comfort food. It’s warm, creamy, and packed with delicious flavors. Unfortunately, many people struggle to make a good chicken pot pie at home. The filling tends to be runny or watery which leaves you with soggy crust and undercooked filling.

In addition, the chicken can be dry and stringy which ruins the entire experience of eating this dish. To save you from ever eating another disappointing chicken pot pie again, we’ve compiled some of our best tips on how to fix runny chicken pot pie.

When it comes to making this dish at home there are some common pitfalls that occur for almost everyone who tries their hand at making them at home. But don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to prevent these mistakes from happening again so that your next attempt will go smoothly and taste much better than before!

How to Make Chicken Pot Pie

Most people think that the trick to making perfect chicken pot pie is in the filling but that’s not really the case. The filling is actually the easy part. The trick is in the crust. If you get the crust right, then it doesn’t matter what your filling is like. If you get the crust wrong, then it doesn’t matter how good your filling is because nobody will want to eat it because the crust will be soggy and gross. For this reason, we recommend that you focus on getting your crust right first before even thinking about filling. This way you are less likely to end up with a soggy crust and a runny filling.

The traditional way to make a chicken pot pie crust is to use shortcrust pastry. You can also use a premade pie crust if you want to save yourself some time. The trick to a good crust is in the technique. Always keep your crust as cold as possible while still being able to work with it. If you let it get too warm and hot, it will end up being difficult to roll and will end up being difficult to flip over when baking. To prevent this, keep your crust and all of your ingredients (such as butter or water) on the cold side.

Thicken your sauce properly

If your sauce is runny, then your pot pie will be watery and soggy. Nobody likes runny chicken pot pie. There are a couple of ways you can thicken up the sauce in your chicken pot pie. The first and most common way is by using a roux. A roux is a combination of fat (usually butter) and flour that is cooked together on the stove until it forms a paste-like substance. When mixed with liquid, a roux will thicken it.

For a traditional chicken pot pie, you would thicken your sauce with a roux made up of butter and flour. The butter is melted and then the flour is added. The two are mixed together briefly until they form a paste-like substance and then they are added to the sauce.

Use shredded chicken instead of chicken chunks

People often use chunks of chicken in things like chicken pot pie, chicken and waffles, or even homemade chicken nuggets. While this is a good way to add flavor and texture to a dish like this, there is one major problem with it. That is that the chicken will not be cooked through by the time the rest of the dish has finished cooking. For example, in a chicken pot pie, the chicken is often cooked with the sauce which is a very watery and thin liquid. As the sauce cooks, it will come to a boil. If you have chunks of chicken in the sauce, it will be difficult for the sauce to boil because the chicken chunks will be blocking the water from boiling. This means that the chicken will end up staying undercooked and will be stringy and dry when you eat it.

Use a good quality, high-fat butter

Butter is a key ingredient in many baked dishes like biscuits, scones, pie crusts, and even crumpets. So it makes sense that the quality of the butter you choose to use will have an impact on the final product. While almost any butter will technically work, it has been proven that higher fat and higher quality butters yield better results. High-fat butters such as those made from cultured cream or European-style butters will have a better flavor and texture than those made with a lower fat content.

Add extra thickener at the end of cooking

Sometimes even if you use a high-fat butter and properly thicken your sauce, you may notice that it ends up being too thick. If you want to add extra thickener to your sauce at the end of cooking, there are a couple of options. If you are using a roux to thicken your sauce, you can add a little bit of water to thin it out a bit. You can also add a slurry at the end of cooking. A slurry is made up of a starch (such as flour or corn starch) mixed with water. It is used to thicken sauces at the end of cooking.


This article shows you how to fix runny chicken pot pie. The key to fixing this is to follow the recipe correctly. Make sure you thicken your sauce properly and use shredded chicken instead of chicken chunks. You can also use a good quality, high-fat butter. Finally, add extra thickener at the end of cooking to ensure that your sauce is not too thick or too thin. If you need to make more baked dishes, it is recommended to use a baking sheet. This will prevent your baked dish from getting burnt and will be easier to clean up.

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