How To Hang Ceramic Bowls

When you think of plates and bowls, you probably don’t think wall art. But why not? Plates and bowls are functional pieces of art too. They can add a pop of color to your home and become the focal point of any room. These wall-mounted plates and bowls are perfect for someone who doesn’t have a lot of space for storage, but still wants to be able to access their dishes easily. They are also great for small spaces, like if you live in an apartment or dorm room.

The wall mounted display allows you to store them out of the way when not in use without taking up much floor space. If you think that hanging plates on the wall is only something one type of person would do, think again! Check out this guide on how to hang plates (and other similar pieces) on your wall with these helpful tips!

Decide Where You Want Your Plate Display

This should be one of the first steps, as it will affect your other decisions. Think about where you want your wall plates to hang. Do you have a space that has natural light? Is there a plug nearby? These are all things to consider when deciding where to put your plate display. The best place for a plate wall is one that gets a decent amount of light, so that the colors of the plates really pop, but not direct sunlight, which can fade the colors. You also want to make sure there is access to an outlet, as most plates and bowls need to be hung using wall hooks. You don’t want to put a hole in your wall and not be able to use it!

Measure the Space

Now that you’ve decided where you want to hang your plates, you need to measure the space. How far apart do you want the plates to be? Once you know this, you can measure and mark the wall with a pencil where you want the hooks to go. Again, plates and bowls are hung with wall hooks. The hooks are large enough that you don’t need to put a hole in your wall, but they come with screws and anchors in case you’re mounting the plate display on a wall without studs. How far apart you space your hooks will depend on the plate display you buy. Most plates come with hooks attached, so you can just measure the holes on the back of the plate and mark the wall. Some plates come with magnets, so you can just place them on the wall and be done.

Choose the Hooks You’ll Use

You have the measurements, so now it’s time to shop! If you have a specific plate display in mind, you’ll know what hooks to look for. If you’re just starting out, though, you’ll want to go to a hardware store, like Lowes or Home Depot, so you can see what they have in person. Wall hooks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You want to choose hooks that are sturdy enough to hold the weight of your plates, but don’t want them to be the focal point of the display. You can also use a tension rod to hang a plate display, although this isn’t as sturdy as a wall mount. A tension rod is a rod that is mounted horizontally and can be tightened with a screw. It is less obtrusive than a wall mounted plate display but is not as sturdy.

Install your Hooks

Once you’ve picked out your wall hooks, it’s time to put them up! This is the fun part! If you’re mounting them on a wall without studs, you’ll need to use wall anchors. It’s easy to find the correct ones online or at the hardware store. Once you’ve put up your wall hooks, you can put a plate on it! If you’re using a tension rod, hang the plate on the rod. You can also use mounting hooks under the plate to mount it to the wall. You can use mounting hooks with a tension rod too. This gives you more flexibility in where you can hang the plate.

Hang Your Dishes

You’ve picked out the perfect plates and bowls and now it’s time to make them into art! Arrange your plates and bowls however you want. You can make a color or pattern display. You can also add plates and bowls of different colors and patterns. Whatever you decide to do with your plates, you want to make sure you put them on the wall correctly. If you’re using mounting hooks, you want to make sure they are level. You can do this by putting a level on each plate and checking that they are both level. If you’re using hooks, level them by adjusting the plate on the hook until it is straight. You can also use a level to make sure they are straight.


You don’t have to keep your plates in a cupboard when you can turn them into art! You can use plates and bowls as wall art by hanging them on your wall. You can make a color or pattern display, or you can mix and match different patterns and colors. When you’re ready to switch it up, you can take them down and put them back in the cupboard. No matter what your plate display looks like, plates are functional pieces of art that can be used to help decorate your home.

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