How To Order Coffee In Brazil

There are a few things you should know before ordering coffee in Brazil. The most important is that coffee is usually served black here, so if you want milk or sugar in your coffee, you’ll need to ask for it specifically. Additionally, many cafes in Brazil offer a wide variety of coffee drinks, from espresso to cafe com leite (coffee with milk). So if you’re not sure what you want, just ask the barista for a recommendation. Finally, be prepared to pay

How To Order Coffee In Brazil

In Brazil, ordering coffee is as simple as saying “uma xícara de café, por favor” (pronounced oo-ma shee-kah-rah deh kah-feh, pohr fah-vohr). This means “one cup of coffee, please.” If you want a refill, just say “mais uma xícara, por favor” (mah-eez oo-ma shee-kah

-A coffee mug -Coffee beans -A grinder -Water -A stove or hot plate -A pot or French press -Milk, sugar, and cream (optional)

  • First, find a coffee shop
  • Next, decide what type of coffee you would like
  • Then, order the coffee and specify which type you would like
  • If you would like milk or sugar in your coffee,

, -If you want to order regular coffee in Brazil, ask for “uma xícara de café comum” -If you want to order espresso, ask for “uma xícara de café expresso” -If you want to order cappuccino, ask for “uma xícara de café capuchinho” -If you want to order a latte, ask for “uma xícara de café latte”

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Brazilians Take Their Coffee?

The Brazilian coffee culture is unique and diverse. The way Brazilians take their coffee varies depending on the region. In the south of Brazil, coffee is usually served with milk and sugar. In the northeast, coffee is often served with condensed milk and a lot of sugar.

How Do You Order Food In Brazil?

There are a few ways to order food in Brazil. The most common way is to go to a restaurant and order off the menu. Another way is to order delivery from a restaurant or food delivery service. You can also purchase food from a street vendor.

How Do You Order A Drink In Brazil?

In Brazil, one orders a drink by specifying the type of drink and the quantity. For example, “uma cerveja” (one beer), “um copo de água” (one glass of water), or “uma dose de cachaça” (one shot of cachaça).


When ordering coffee in Brazil, be sure to ask for a “café com leite” which is coffee with milk. If you would like your coffee with sugar, be sure to ask for “com açúcar” which means “with sugar.”

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