How To Order Keto Iced Coffee At Tim Hortons

Keto iced coffee is a popular drink choice for people following the keto diet. It’s easy to make and can be customized to your liking. Here’s how to order keto iced coffee at Tim Hortons: 1. Ask for an iced coffee with cream and sugar-free syrup. 2. Choose a sugar-free syrup flavor, such as hazelnut, vanilla, or caramel. 3. Add cream to your liking.

How To Order Keto Iced Coffee At Tim Hortons

Keto iced coffee is a drink that can be enjoyed by people on the keto diet. It is made by blending coffee with heavy cream and adding keto-friendly sweeteners, such as stevia or monk fruit extract. The coffee can be poured over ice and enjoyed as is, or it can be blended with other ingredients, such as protein powder or coconut oil, for a more filling drink. When ordering keto iced coffee at Tim Hortons, customers

-coffee -keto sweetener -heavy cream -ice -milk

  • Order iced coffee
  • Ask for heavy cream instead of milk
  • Choose keto friendly sweetener (ie. stevia, monk fruit)

-What type of keto coffee do you want – Whether you want cream and sugar or not – What size do you want – If you want to add anything else to your coffee

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Order Coffee On Keto?

Order a black coffee with no sugar or milk.

How Do I Order A Keto Mocha From Starbucks?

A keto mocha is a coffee with added keto-friendly ingredients like heavy cream and MCT oil or coconut oil. To order a keto mocha from Starbucks, ask for a “keto venti iced coffee” with heavy cream and two shots of espresso.

Is Cold Coffee Allowed In Keto?

Yes, cold coffee is allowed in keto.

To Summarize

Ordering keto iced coffee at Tim Hortons is easy. First, choose a coffee flavor and size. Then, add heavy cream and sugar-free sweetener to taste. Finally, add ice and enjoy!

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