How To Recess Finishing Nails

Recessing a finish nail is a simple way to make it less visible. You can use a chisel or a special recess punch, or even a nail set.

How To Recess Finishing Nails

One way to recess a finishing nail is to use a chisel. First, mark the spot where you want the nail to be recessed with a pencil. Then, use a chisel to make a small indentation in the wood at that spot. Finally, drive the finishing nail into the indentation.

-Ruler or tape measure -Hammer -Finishing nails -Pencil -Paint or wood sealant

  • Step 3: use a chisel to recess the head of the nails step 4: sand recessed area smooth
  • Step 2: hammer nails partway into trim
  • Step 1: drill pilot hole in trim

-If the head of the finishing nail is large, use a hammer with a small face. This will help to avoid damaging the surface you are working on. -Position the nail so that its center is over the hole. -Strike the nail with a light blow of the hammer. Do not pound it in. A gentle tap should be all that is needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Put In Finishing Nails With A Hammer?

Yes, you can put in finishing nails with a hammer. To do so, hold the nail between your thumb and first two fingers and place the hammer’s head on top of the nail. Then, use your other hand to hold onto the handle of the hammer and strike it with a gentle force.

How Do You Hide Finishing Nails?

You can hide finishing nails by using a nail head that is the same color as your wall. Another way to hide finishing nails is to use a putty knife to smear the hole created by the nail with some plaster or spackle.

How Do You Use A Brad Hammer?

A brad hammer is a handheld tool that is used to drive small nails into wood. It has a flat head and a thin, pointed shaft. The shaft is slightly curved, so that it can be struck with a mallet to drive the nail into the wood.

Can You Put Brad Nails In With A Hammer?

Yes, you can put Brad nails in with a hammer.

How Far Should Finish Nails Penetrate?

Finish nails can be inserted anywhere from 1/4 inch to 3/4 inch depending on the desired finished look.

What Tool Do You Use For Finishing Nails?

A hammer.


Recessing a finishing nail is an important step in preventing the head of the nail from splitting the wood. The recess allows the head of the nail to sit below the surface of the wood, keeping it from being damaged. There are a few different ways to recess a finishing nail. One way is to use a chisel and hammer to carve out a small recess in the wood. Another way is to use a nail set to drive the finishing nail below the surface of the wood.

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