How To Say Fork In French

Fork in French can be translated as fourchette. It is a utensil used to eat food. The fork is held with the left hand and the food is speared with the tines of the fork. The food is then brought to the mouth and eaten.

How To Say Fork In French

In French, the word for ‘fork’ is fourchette.

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Depending on the context, you might say fourchette or fourche.

  • To say “i’d like a fork” in french, you would say “je v
  • Fourchette is the word for fork in french
  • To say fork in french, you would say “fourchette”

, -How do you say “fork” in French? -The word for “fork” in French is fourchette. -Fourchette can also mean “tine,” as in the part of a fork that goes into food.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Say Fork In Different Languages?

Fork can be translated to “Forquilla” in Spanish, “Forchetta” in Italian, “Fork” in German, and “Форка” in Russian.

How Do You Say Spork In French?

In French, spork is called une fourchette-cuillère.

What Is Fork Spanish?

In computing, a fork is a copy of a software project with the same codebase but with different development paths. Forking occurs when one project splits into two separate projects.

In The End

There are multiple ways to say fork in French, including fourchette, fourche, and fourchon.

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