How To Set The Clock On A Maytag Electric Stove

It can be difficult to find the correct instructions on how to set the clock on your Maytag electric stove. The reason for this is that there are several different models of Maytag electric stoves available, and not all of them have the same setup. Fortunately, no matter what kind of stove you have, it is almost always very easy to change the clock settings.

For most Maytag electric stoves, you will need to locate a small dial somewhere on the front panel that reads “Time & Temp” or something similar. You will also need to know which way is ‘forward’ when setting the time – generally this means you should turn up instead of down or vice versa if one direction doesn’t seem to make sense. To continue reading about How to Set the Clock on a Maytag Stove

How to Set the Clock on a Maytag Electric Stove

Turn the dial to the time you want.

You may need to hold down the ‘Time & Temp’ button while you turn the dial to set the clock. Press and hold the button after you turn the dial to release the button.

Press and hold the ‘Time & Temp’ button.

While pressing and holding the ‘Time & Temp’ button, access the current date, month and day by turning the two rotary dials on the front of the stove.

Find the current month and day.

Turn the two dials until you find the correct month and day.

Find the current hour, minute and AM/PM.

Turn the two dials until you find the correct hour and minute for the current time of day. The AM/PM dial will be in the correct position automatically.

Confirm and save.

After you have the correct time and date set, you will need to hold the button down again after you let the two dials go. This will save the current time and date and make it the new clock setting on the stove.

The clock stays set until you change it again.

Generally speaking, when you set the clock on your Maytag electric stove, the time will stay set until you change it again. It is important to remember to set the time when Daylight Saving Time begins (this varies by state) so you know when your food will be done! You may want to print the instructions for your specific stove model for quick reference.

Bottom Line

You may be thinking that the process of setting the time on your stove sounds like it would be very difficult. Fortunately, the process is actually very simple, especially if you follow the instructions above. The best way to avoid having to call a service tech to come out and set your clock for you is to read the owner’s manual for your stove. The manual will contain all the information you need to know about your stove, including how to set the time.

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