How To Use 2X4 For Deck Joists

2x4s are a good choice for deck joists. They are strong and relatively inexpensive. When using 2x4s for deck joists, be sure to use pressure treated lumber and to follow the building codes in your area.

How To Use 2X4 For Deck Joists

2x4s are a very popular choice for deck joists. Deck joists are the boards that run perpendicular to the deck floor and support the weight of people and objects on the deck. 2x4s are strong and relatively inexpensive, making them a good option for this application. When using 2x4s for deck joists, it is important to select boards that are straight and free of knots or other defects. The boards should also be cut to the correct length

-Tape measure -Circular saw or handsaw -Plywood sheeting -Power drill -1 inch hole saw -Lumber screws -Construction adhesive -Deck screws -Cordless drill -Stapler

  • Lay two of the boards on the ground parallel to each other, and stack the other two boards on top of the first two so that they are
  • Cut four pieces of 2×4 to the desired length of the deck joists

below – When selecting the lumber for your deck, make sure you pick a quality 2×4. – Cut the lumber to the correct length according to your plan. – Use a saw to cut notches in each end of the boards, so they fit together like puzzle pieces. – Secure the boards in place with deck screws.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Far Can 2X4 Decking Span?

2×4 decking can span up to 8 feet without additional support.

Can You Use 2X4 For Floor Joists?

Yes, you can use a 2×4 for floor joists in a residential setting. However, it is not recommended for use in a commercial setting.

Can You Sister Floor Joists With 2X4?

Yes, you can sister floor joists with 2×4’s. By doing so, you will create a more stable and rigid floor system.


When using 2x4s for deck joists, it is important to use a minimum of 16-inch on-center spacing and to install blocking between the joists to provide support for the decking.

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