How To Use Raku Dream Jar

Raku dream jar is a powerful tool for manifesting your dreams into reality. It is said that if you write down your dreams and put them into the jar, they will come true.

How To Use Raku Dream Jar

Raku dream jars are used to store dreams. To use a raku dream jar, you must first have a dream. Once you have a dream, you must write it down on a piece of paper and place it in the jar. You can then keep the jar in your bedroom to help you remember your dreams.

Materials: Raku dream jar Paint or dye Sealant Tools: Paintbrush Sponge brush Paper towel Old toothbrush

  • Put the paper into the jar close the jar say aloud “i put my dreams in this jar, with
  • Pick a dream that you want to come true
  • Write your dream on a piece of paper

1. When you have a troubling or stressful dream, write it down and place it in the raku dream jar. 2. As you add your dreams, recite a mantra or spell to help you release the energy of the dream. 3. Once the jar is full, bury it in the earth to release the energy and allow new dreams to enter your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Build A Dream Jar Bfg?

There is no one definitive way to build a dream jar BFG. Some people might begin by creating a simple list of dreams and goals, while others might get more creative and use objects, symbols, or colors to represent their dreams. The most important part is to personalize the dream jar so that it feels like your own.

What Is A Dream Jar?

A dream jar is a container that holds objects or notes related to dreams. The jar is used as a way to document and track dreams, as well as to explore the meanings and symbolism of dreams.

What Is A Raku Dream Jar?

A raku dream jar is a type of decorative jar that is used to store dreams. Dreams are placed in the jar and then the jar is sealed. The dreamer can then look at the dreams whenever they want.


The raku dream jar is a tool that can be used to help manifest your dreams into reality. By writing down your dreams and placing them in the jar, you can focus on your desires and increase your chances of achieving them.

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