How To Use Redgard On Concrete

Redgard is a water-based, acrylic polymer cementitious waterproofing and coating material. It is easy to use and can be applied by trowel, roller or spray. Redgard cures to a tough, flexible membrane that resists cracking and chipping. It is an ideal waterproofing and coating system for concrete surfaces.

How To Use Redgard On Concrete

Redgard is a waterproofing membrane that is used to protect concrete from water damage. It can be applied in a number of ways, including by spraying or troweling it on. Redgard must be applied to a clean and dry surface, and it should be allowed to cure for 24 hours before the concrete is exposed to water.

-Trowel -Redgard Liquid waterproofing -Concrete sealant -Paintbrush

  • Apply the redgard to the surface of
  • Clean the surface of the concrete that you will be applying redgard to with a broom or brush
  • Mix the redgard according to the instructions on the package

-Redgard is a waterproofing membrane that can be applied to concrete to prevent water damage. -It can be used on concrete that is new or existing. -To apply redgard to concrete, first make sure the surface is clean and dry. -Then, cut the redgard to the desired size and shape, and peel off the backing. -Stick the redgard to the concrete and press firmly. -Make sure all edges are sealed well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Redgard Work On Concrete?

RedGard is a water-based elastomeric coating that is specifically designed to waterproof and protect concrete and masonry substrates. It is applied in a single coat, and dries to a tough, rubbery film that will seal out water and moisture. RedGard also helps to prevent staining and efflorescence, and will not yellow or discolor over time.

Can You Use Redgard On Foundation Walls?

RedGard is a water-based, latex-modified mortar and grout additive used to waterproof and protect masonry and concrete. It can be used on foundation walls provided that the wall is properly prepared.

Do I Need A Vapor Barrier If I Use Redgard?

A vapor barrier is not necessary when using RedGard.

Taking Everything Into Account

Redgard may be used on concrete surfaces to waterproof and protect them from staining. First, the surface should be clean and dry. Apply the Redgard according to the manufacturer’s instructions using a trowel, brush, or roller. Allow the Redgard to dry completely before allowing traffic on the surface.

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