How To Use Sewer Rod

A sewer rod is a tool used to clear clogs from drains and sewers. It is a long, metal pole with a curved, pointed end that can be inserted into the drain to break up the clog.

How To Use Sewer Rod

Sewer rods are used to clean the sewer lines and remove debris from the piping. The rods are inserted into the line and pushed or pulled through the piping to dislodge and remove the debris.

Sewer rods are available at most hardware stores. You will also need a bucket to catch the water and a utility knife to cut the cable.

  • locate the clog 2. thread the sewer rod through the drain opening 3. push and rotate the sewer rod to break up the clog 4. pull out the sewer rod and discard the clog

on ‘sewer snake -How to use a sewer snake: 1. Locate the clog. 2. Insert the snake into the drainpipe until it meets resistance. 3. Turn the snake handle counterclockwise to force the snake into the clog. 4. When the snake dislodges the clog, pull it out of the drainpipe.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Use A Flat Drain Auger?

A flat drain auger is a tool used to clean or clear blockages in a drainpipe. The auger has a corkscrew-like blade that is inserted into the pipe. When turned, the blade moves forward and grabs onto the obstruction, which can then be pulled out.

How Do You Use A Flat Rod Sewer Snake?

The flat rod sewer snake is inserted into the sewer line to clear clogs. The snake is pushed and pulled through the line to break up the clog and remove it from the pipe.

How Do You Use An Old Metal Snake?

I formerly used an old metal snake to check and clear drains. I would insert it into the drain and turn it around to loosen any clogs.

How Do You Use A Flat Sewer Rod On A Toilet?

To use a flat sewer rod on a toilet, insert the end of the rod into the toilet and twist it back and forth to loosen the clog.


Sewer rods are used to clear blockages from sewer lines. The most common way to use a sewer rod is to insert it into the line and twist it back and forth to break up the blockage.

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