How To Vent A Saniflo System

A saniflo system is a great way to vent your plumbing fixtures without having to run a pipe out through the roof or the side of your house. A saniflo system uses a pump to push wastewater up through a small pipe and into the municipal sewer system.

How To Vent A Saniflo System

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Different people will have different opinions on the best way to vent a saniflo system. Some people recommend using a roof vent, while others recommend using an air admittance valve.

– a saniflo system – a screwdriver – a drill – plumbers tape – Teflon tape – a hacksaw

  • Unscrew the cap on the vent stack and remove the plug
  • Turn on the saniflo system and wait for it to finish fl
  • Insert the vent hose into the vent stack and screw the cap back on

1. When venting a saniflo system, it is important to ensure that the vent pipe is properly installed and sealed. 2. The vent pipe should be routed as straight as possible, and should not be installed in close proximity to sources of heat or ignition. 3. The vent pipe should be properly secured and supported, and should not be subject to kinking or crushing. 4. The vent pipe should terminate at least six inches above the roof line

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Wet Vent A Saniflo Toilet?

It is possible to wet vent a Saniflo toilet; however, it is not recommended. The waste water from the Saniflo toilet can be vented through a standard plumbing vent pipe.

Do You Need To Vent An Upflush Toilet?

No, an Upflush toilet does not need to be vented.

How Do You Vent An Upflush Toilet?

Upflush toilets are designed to send waste and water up through the toilet and into the main waste line. In order to vent an upflush toilet, you will need to find the vent pipe and attach the venting hose to it. The venting hose should be directed away from the home so that the smell of waste does not enter your living space.

Where Do You Vent A Saniflo Toilet?

The Saniflo toilet can be vented through a roof, wall, or floor. The most common way to vent a Saniflo toilet is through the roof.

Do Upflush Toilets Need To Be Vented?

No, upflush toilets do not need to be vented.

Does A Saniflo Need Venting?

A Saniflo does not need venting, but it is recommended that you install one to allow the system to work properly and evacuate air.


A Saniflo system should be vented through the roof. The vent should be clear of obstruction and extend at least three feet above the roofline.

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